Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hello Friends....

I have waiting for this opportunity for a long time....

You must have already heard about the site....they have a very large collection of hindi movies.....but it wasn't that part which caught my attention....lately they are uploading a lot of south indian stuff including most recent releases which are available at ..
how does it sound now....i have just reached passed the upload to give invitation....
Just submit your mail ID in the comments session....

As a proof am showing you the invitation...



Hi, *******!

You have been invited by *********** to register on "Desi Club Torrent".
******** has attached a note to the invitation:

Your registration link:**************
We hope to see you soon!

Best Regards,
Desi Club Torrent Team


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mallutorrent Accounts

Here am giving you mallutorrent ID's of someone that my friend gave me....plz do maintain a good share ratio.....

username : sreeharij007
password :ambaditvm

password: 27021950

NOTE : please do maintain the shareratio..................

Monday, July 23, 2007

Malayalam Torrents

Malayalam movies ( mallu movies) are believed to be movies with story line. In Malayalam Movies more emphasis is on Story and acting rather than the Masala stuff. Malayam Movies is about superstars Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Dileep and Prithviraj.

A Small Industry mainly because of the less no of viewership(kerala being a small state) it has strict rules on Pirated Cinema CD’s. Strict Raids are on in Kerala for Pirate DVS and CD’s of latest Released Malayalam Movies. In Gulf, Bangalore and the other outside world have easy access to pirated versions of all latest malayalam movies and many site owners who work from abroad are always the first to release malayalam movie torrents .

From Where you can Download Latest Malayalam Movie Torrents ?

Malayalam Torrent Download Sites

I have joined all the sites and have downloaded.....The top site is mallutorrents.........but the main problem now is tht its invite only now....And let me tell you this the rulez r pretty tough here....You need to keep a share ratio of 0.65(share ratio=upload/download)....and this is not possible unless you upload some movies....Again when i tried to upload some movies i had(ripped frm original CDs thts available in market),nowbody wanted my share ratio went pretty bad.....and i got banned....

Then i created another account and my only option to continue was to upload something...i thought of increasing my share ration then i got this was easy to keep the share ratio with this....(click here for the link to software and get more details)

About giving invitations to others in mallutorrent is not tht easy....because you need to have a share ratio of 1.25 and you should have uploaded around 100gb and posted around 500 a very few people the invite option in please don't ask now for invitation.....anyway i will send you if i can....

If you know more sites for Malayalam Movie Torrent Downloads please do take some time to comment out here. I’ll Update the List. Hope this List if useful for Mallus to download the latest Malayalam Torrents for their favorite Malayalam movies.